The debut novel from S.A.Stratton and first in the series.

Book Description:

The world is a different place than it would have been if a vampire prince hadn’t offered his assistance to a struggling group of resistance fighters in the colonies during the late 18th century. It’s been some 200 years and now landscape dominated by vampires and lycans, and a human’s only worth is the work they can perform.

All her life, Annais has seen the taking of the things she worked for and the people she loved. Now, she just wants to be free and equal. Everything began to change for her on a full moon night when she struck down a lycan’s mate as they raided their farm and tried to kill her brother. Soon after she learns her mother has been keeping secrets, including her own true lineage.

Now as she has to learn to balance her own new and growing abilities against her desire to save herself and family from those that live in shadows and control others from a distance. As event unfold, she finds herself compelled to be with her lycan guardian, Captain Abraham Long. Together, they undertake the journey towards saving her family from those mean them harm.

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