Absaroka Press is micro Indie publisher (what that means is that we’re super tiny with just a couple of people with about a billion and one ideas and looking for the best way to get their ideas into your hands in book or magazine form). Located in Bozeman, MT, we’re fairly new to the scene, but don’t that let give you the wrong idea, there is experience and passion to be had. The love for it all began years ago with a single publication, a collection of poems collected from and published for friends and colleagues. Over the years our eclectic lifechoice owner and dreamer realized that there was one thing she loved more than writing, and that was giving others a chance to have their moment in the spotlight. There is nothing more satisfying than opening something seen by so many to see your hard work, personal story, and brainchild out there for everyone to see and, hopefully, adore. That’s why the primary mission of this micro publisher is, and will always be, baasho.

We’re on a mission to present to the world the unique voices of those that might get overlooked or feel that their off-beat and quirky style isn’t really understood by mainstream or larger literary reviews. We want our authors to feel more like artist and partners rather than another nameless contributor begging for just a moment of your time. Also, we know that a person can go broke submitting to journals that charge a reading fee, which is why we don’t charge reading fees. Hopefully, someday, we’ll be able to offer prizes, but until then, keep on submitting because we love the art for the sake of art.