It’s been a something else kind of year, hasn’t it? With COVID concerns and other ailments, it’s been an insane kind of ride. Back in December right before all this insanity began to ramp up here in the United State, especially in the west, we had an idea to put together an anthology with a few people. Unfortunately with COVID, the deadlines got pushed back and writers were having a hard time as quite a few have day jobs that tagged them as essential and suddenly their whole lives became about dealing with work and COVID related things. But at the end, we are proud to say that most all our writers came through and kicked some serious word demons to get the job done.

With that I am proud to announce today marks the official release date for Tales from the Campfire: A Collection of Dark Summer Tales. Contributors to this project are Cory Swanson, Chelsea Ellingson, Dean Patrick, Larry Yoakum III, S.A. Stratton, and debut writers Amanda Luhrsen and Saleha Bakht.

Each tale is crafted around the essence of those summertime horrors and the macabre. What if the walls could talk? What if that summer job wasn’t what you thought? Ever been face to face with a wendigo? Have you danced with a ghost? Would you like to step into the shoes of a raven mocker? What if you weren’t who you thought you were? All these things explored by the fireside in this book of darkness and horror.

Scoop up your copy before the summer leaves you behind.

An image of a book cover for Tales from the Campfire: A Collection of Dark Summer Tales featuring a campfire and a haunted forest